Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ripper by Isabel Allende

"Mom is still alive, but she's going to be murdered at midnight on Good Friday."

I don't think a title with the word Ripper hooks anymore. It's overused by one title too many. But this opening line gets the brain a little fired up, as it sort of employs the ticking time bomb scenario that creates tension.

It's nice when murderers work according to a schedule, but why midnight? Is that a cliche or is there some other mystic reason?

This is also the first thing said, so dialogue moves the plot forward, which is always a good thing. Then a murder is discussed as back story, but as it's murder it will interest most people who enjoy this genre.

This book wastes no time, diving right into conflict and character.

A short review like this means the work speaks for itself.

Verdict: Pass

Rudy Globird

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