Friday, 25 April 2014

When is a Man by Aaron Shepard

Paul slammed on the brakes.

Paul in a car opening. Ahead of him are emergency lights flashing. The reason Paul didn't see this ahead of him and had to jam on the brakes is that this scene appeared behind a blind corner in what seems like a rural area. So no surprise the emergency vehicles are there, must be lots of accidents in the blind corner type places that are out in the countryside.

Actually, Paul wasn't paying attention and had been just imagining the riverbank as a good place to sleep which becomes an excellent opportunity to introduce weather, season and back story. If you want to find out what's up with the emergency vehicles, you'll have to wait and sift through several paragraphs of back story and geography before we come back to the present and Paul's bladder.

First thing said:

"Cliff, what's it this time?"

Actually the first thing said is Cliff! but that sucks, so I decided to add something beyond the mere name calling. Then we get a description of the cop at the side of the road (like I care) and then some thick, bloated paragraphs of more back story, before we return to the story, I mean the forward narrative and the body of a child is pulled out of the water and I wonder if this is a mystery novel. I'm curious, but the next couple pages descend into more back story and I'm wondering how full a life this guy's had prior to the publication of this novel. I don't want to find out. This opening is buried in too much back story too soon.

I lose interest and don't even care if I understand enough of what is going on to write this review.

Verdict: Fail

Rudy Globird.

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