Saturday, 12 July 2014

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese

He walked the old mare out of the pen and led her to the gate that opened out into the field.

Besides the obvious usage of pronounology there isn't much else to comment on. Mr. Pronoun is walking a horse. It's descriptive, though slightly better than a mere visual as at least something is happening to someone, if it is only just someone walking about. The next line introduces weather - it was frosty out. So yet another novel is gobbled up by the weather opening cliche. But the weather here has a purpose besides creating an idyllic picture: because of the frost they (whoever they are) left tracks.

First thing said:

"Get ya some breakfast."

The dialogue that follows is of the incidental type but it's interesting as we learn that one character, the pronoun of line one, is leaving. From the conversation between the boy pronoun and the old man we learn a little about their situation, what they eat etc. One might think food is boring to talk about and even more risky to put at the beginning of a novel, but the conversation is terse and moves forward quickly. Nevertheless, not much is happening in the first couple pages, until on page 4 the paragraphs get long and dense which can only mean one thing: back story and description. Okay, two things.

Verdict: Boring Fail

Rudy Globird

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