Sunday, 13 October 2013

Jacob's Folly by Rebecca Miller

I, the being in question, having spent nearly three hundred years lost as a pomegranate pip in a lake of aspic, amnesiac, bodliless, and comatose, a nugget of spirit but nothing else, found myself quickening, gaining form, weight, and, finally, consciousness.

This line was written with a hook in mind. Despite the awkwardness of the sentence (and 12 commas), it has a lot of weirdness in it that raises questions. This sentence is of the 1984 variety. It preys upon normality.

The next sentence is an apology of sorts for the style of the first sentence.

I did not remember dying, so my first thoughts were confused, and a little desperate.

Which only raises more questions.

First thing said:

"They were mewing all night."

Verdict: Cool ( I want more)

Theodore Moracht

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