Monday, 4 November 2013

Classified by Fern Michaels

Having tossed and turned for the past hour, Abby finally rolled over and looked at the alarm clock.

Nothing to write home about here, just a little insomnia. It's a really long prologue and it bores me before I can turn the first page. There's a dream sequence. I assume it's important, but as I'm one of those people who thinks dreams are insanity leaking out of the brain cells and that they have nothing to do with reality (or the story of a fictional reality), I roll my eyes.

Chapter one:

"Simpson...No I mean Clay."

The confusion is explained thus:

"I'm recently married." Well not that recently. They'd just celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month.

You'd think that after being married a year people would know what their last names are, either that, or this lady isn't that gung ho about being married. Either way, a bit ditzy if you ask me. Generally, I don't like reading about such characters because stupidity annoys me, but in particular, it's usually just the author trying to be clever at establishing a voice at the expense of plot and characterization. I mean, are readers really that sympathetic to stupid characters nowadays - you know, the ones who can't remember their last names?

Verdict: Fail

Rudy Globird

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