Monday, 18 November 2013

Cold Skin by Albert Sanchez Pinol

We are never very far from those we hate.

How true, I think, bringing a hanky to dry the poignant tear in my eye. The rest of the first paragraph:

For this very reason, we shall never be truly close to those we love. An appalling fact, I knew it well enough when I embarked. But some truths deserve our attention; others are best left alone.

There is some philosophy here that leaves me wondering. My brain flexes, and it feels good. This paragraph reveals neat thoughts, a character, and foreshadowing while at the same time revealing conflict: no matter where we go, there is some moron lurking nearby deserving of our negative affection. It feels like Kafka (with some Dutch courage) is writing this. As well, there's a question: embarking to where?

For horror novels, it is nice when there is an opening line that chills the blood and at the same time encourages discussion. The opening line challenges the reader to argue or stand up against it. It is aggressive and insolent and shamefully true: We cannot escape our hate.

First thing said:

"Well, let's get going."

Verdict: Cool

Theodore Moracht

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