Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

They found Seth Hubbard in the general area where he had promised to be, though not exactly in the condition expected.

This sentence raises questions, one of which is promptly answered in the next line:

He was at the end of a rope, six feet off the ground and twisting slightly in the wind. 

It's nice when a mystery story opens with a body. No set up, no sentimental descriptions of the area or the weather, no back story about what the dead man had had for dinner or how horrible his childhood was after Battlestar Galactica got cancelled. As well, what isn't written, speaks volumes: We can all hear the rope peacefully creaking. As well, I like that instead of being six feet under, this guy is six feet above.

The plot quickly thickens as clues and peculiar details emerge, bringing characters into sharper focus with each page, painlessly drawing the reader into the story and its world.

First thing said:

“Stay here now.” 

Verdict: Pass (3.5 stars)

Theodore Moracht

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