Monday, 13 January 2014

Dirty Love by Andre Dubus III

At first there is only the coffee table in front of him, a swath of sunlight across its glass surface.

I know what you're thinking: So begins a story about a coffee table, but you're wrong. What follows is that game called "there is/there are" - words used six times on the first page. What's with all the expletives?

And even though there is no sunrise or sunset that we can be sure of, there is sunlight so this opening manages to escape that cliche one would assume.

What this means, in case you don't get it, is that there are lots of things on page 1, including a floor and a wall! The tone of this is amusing. It sounds like something Forrest Gump would write and would be edited by the Count from Sesame Street.

First thing said:

"I ate wrap."

This is an interesting thing to say and unusual enough to interest the reader a little. So if you get that far you might keep reading. However, the description on page one should be enough to stop anyone reading as it does not hook. Perhaps the hook is in the byline?

The paragraphs are thick dense jungles, with so much black ink that it looks like a mosquito holocaust was perpetrated on each page.

Verdict: Fail

Rudy Globird

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