Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Behavioral Science, the FBI section that deals with serial murder, is on the bottom floor of the Academy building at Quantico, half-buried in the earth.

This is pure foreshadowing with a touch of setting. FBI and serial murder means that we can expect to read about some really crazy people. I like that this FBI section is in the basement, as it adds a touch of the Gothic.

Foreshadowing something interesting (that intrigues) usually gets an opening line a 50/50 pass; however, such an opening line can be improved should some character and conflict be added. In this novel, character is introduced in the second sentence and some conflict a couple of paragraphs later, while still on the first page. The forward narrative moves effortlessly with little description and back story. However, despite the meager exposition, this opening still feels  like it's lagging.

First thing said:


Not much promise of great dialogue to come, but it's all part of a scene we are eased into with some character development - and the dialogue that follows is well written and character revealing.

In the end, this book hooks most people because of its fame and the movie inspired by the book. If there are readers out there who have no idea what this book is, and they enjoy the genre, this opening should have enough to it to pull one in and hook.

Verdict: Pass (barely)

Theodore Moracht

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