Sunday, 30 March 2014

Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

We only have a few hours, so listen carefully.

Next line:

If you're hearing this story, you're already in danger.

This is kind of how the Percy Jackson story starts, with some second person POV. You'd think the author would change it up a bit. It's annoying, both the POV and the fact he doesn't change it up a bit. Maybe kids love this, but I don't - and yes I understand that this book isn't targeting me. The first page goes on like this before ending with:

Okay, Sadie is telling me to stop stalling and get on with the story. 

Good advice: a character is telling the author to get on with it, talk about a character-driven story. Then we get the hook on the second page:

I'm fourteen and my home is a suitcase.

First thing said:


Verdict: Fail

Rudy Globird

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