Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Murdering Ministers by Alan Beechey

Billy Coppersmith realized he was possessed when he caught himself thinking about breasts during the Lord's Prayer.

An amusing beginning that explores the confusion of teenage awareness in a church. This opening line introduces character and multiple conflicts (person vs. devil and person vs. self-guilt), plus it's a little out of the ordinary and not how one might expect a mystery to begin, a quirky line that sets the tone and the rest of the first chapter does follow . So this opening hooks.  The next sentence which begins the second paragraph:

If it had been the sermon, he wouldn't have worried. Everybody's mind wandered then...

Unfortunately the rest of the chapter slowly descends into a weaving back story that sounds like someone discussing and reviewing the past three seasons of Downton Abbey.

First thing said:

"After the same manner also He took the cup."

Verdict: Pass

I would have given this a higher rating but my attention started to wander midway through chapter 1 with all the people and their history being introduced. Annoyed by this intrusion of characters I couldn't care less about, I found myself skipping to the end only to find someone dying, which was good, but it certainly was a long-winded way of getting to that plot point.

Rudy Globird

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