Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus

He sat down the shopping bag and put away his purchase in the tiny refrigerator.

In this prologue Mr. Pronoun does a lot of things and if it weren't for the paragraphs it would resemble nothing but a list. Lists usually make boring reading. The prologue is two pages and at the end of my library copy the page has been folded indicating that a previous reader thought that that was enough for one reading session - 2 pages. Clearly, I am not the only one that isn't hooked by this prologue.

Chapter 1:

She felt like she was tipping over backward.

The pronounology in this book dominates. On page five there is another folded page. Folding pages of a book should be an abomination and folders should be punished, but for the purpose of my reviews can be revealing. I assume from the same person as above because the pages are folded on the bottom and the fold has the same dimensions. The last fold is on page 59 and is to this day is folded. That is where the previous person gave up on this book. I, however, am smarter and have stopped reading by page three.

First thing said:

"Hello, Sweetie."

Doesn't add anything to character or plot but does upgrade one pronoun from 'she' to 'sweetie' so that is good.

Verdict: Fail

Theodore Moracht

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