Saturday, 22 February 2014

Innocence by Dean Koontz

Having escaped one fire, I expected another.

This sentence is short (nice), implying something bad happened (nice) and something bad will happen (nice), presumably with fire (nice). You pyromaniacs are drooling no doubt. It's preamble at its best.

Unfortunately, the narrator quickly becomes philosophical and starts lecturing us about warmth and light. Check it out if you're interested. I can't be bothered to write it out here.

First thing said:

"You are too high a price to pay."

This comes much later in chapter 6. There is a lot of telling, as is to be expected from a first-person narrative, but this has too much back story that wanders from edifying association to edifying association.

My eyes glaze over, and I start looking for another book to read - any book will do. Well, maybe not any book. I'd rather this to Twilight, but that's not saying much. That's like saying this book is better than the instructions on the back of a Kraft dinner package, though mind, at least I paid attention to those instructions the first time I read them...all the way to the end.

Verdict: Fail

Rudy Globird

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