Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Dying Hours by Mark Billingham

How much blood?

This is the first sentence fragment and first paragraph fragment of the prologue, and reads like lexical shrapnel to the brain. Nevertheless, it's a question that raises questions, though without context it looks a little weird just hanging there. What follows is a person preparing to commit suicide and needs an answer to that first question.

Chapter 1:

Tom Thorne leaned down and gently picked up the small glass bottle from the bedside table.

By the end of page 1 we learn that this is a crime scene. The next line:

It was already open, the white cap lying next to the syringe, a few drops of cloudy liquid pooled beneath the tip of the needle.

The crime scene and mystery pull the reader in - no time is wasted with preamble and back story, which is nice. Those who are fans of mystery/crime novels should find themselves hooked right away.

First thing said:


Verdict: Pass

Theodore Moracht

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