Tuesday, 10 December 2013

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Nurse Thornton dropped into the long-term-care ward a little before eight with a hot bag of blood for Charlie Manx.

Thus begins the prologue. It has none of the obvious cliches, which means this line is capable of getting at least a 2.5 rating if nothing else.

It's considerate of the writer to introduce two characters with some context (The reader can navigate a little, understanding the relationship between the two.) There is setting which is a hospital, and finally there is a bag of hot blood. This raises a question or two. Why drop in with a hot bag of blood? What's it for? Is this a vampire story? The line is unusual enough to keep most people reading.

Chapter 1:

The brat was eight years old the first time she rode over the covered bridge that crossed the distance between Lost and Found.

Again, an opening sentence that raises questions. I particularly like the covered bridge between Lost and Found. It makes me curious, and I'm able to overlook the car in this sentence and that it reeks of back story.

First thing said:

"Hello, Mr. Manx."

Verdict: Pass 

Theodore Moracht

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