Friday, 20 December 2013

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Reuben was a tall man, well over six feet, with brown curly hair and deep-set blue eyes.

Who cares what this person looks like before conflict, unless he is about to lose his legs, making him two feet shorter, or have his hair catch on fire or get his eyes poked out by a crazy blind person waving a cane around.

Paragraph 2 begins with this hunk (I assume) walking up a hill. Sorry, steep hill (This makes it more intense.) There is back story and description tangled up with each other on page 1.

There isn't much else to add; this beginning is pretty boring and doesn't even make good fodder for flaming. Like so many other books on the market these days, the hook is in the byline. Shame.

First thing said:

"The real thing."

Theodore Moracht

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